Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Decor Plans: Master Bedroom

For those of you who are unaware, my husband and I moved into a new house 9 months ago. Our new house is more than double the size of our old house, so we still are not even close to having every room furnished. {Not even close}. I do have plans, however. Design plans, and plans for funding my design ideas. Eric and I each put a portion of our paycheck into a separate account that is my designated "decorating" fund. I know exactly how much money will be added to this account each time we get paid, thus I can plan for when I will have enough money to buy the items I need, etc. It's a really good and responsible plan. {Although it takes much longer than I would prefer since I'm incredibly impatient.}

So, although I am not able to share pictures of my beautifully decorated house, I can show pictures of my current empty spaces and my future decor plans for the space. 

I'll start with the master bedroom. This is not a top priority on our list of rooms to complete, but I still know exactly what I want in the room when that time comes. 

This is our master bedroom currently: 

{There is also a long dresser with a mirror along the same wall as the armoire, but I didn't get that in the picture because it's covered in laundry at the moment.}

........And these are my plans for our bedroom........

New Bedding. Old bedding will be used in guest bedroom upstairs.
New lamps on night stands. Old lamps will be used on night stands in guest bedroom.
Amazing new chandelier fan. Old fan will be put in guest bedroom.
Two of these chairs will go in the bay window nook to create a sitting area.
Floral arrangement that will go on a small table between the two chairs in the sitting area.
Stunning raw silk drapes with champagne and silver tones.

Area rug for the sitting area.
Small table to go between the chairs in the sitting area.

It's going to be AMAZING... in like 5 years when I finally have the money saved up to make this happen. Haha. Oh well, at least I have a plan :) 

Oh, and everything is from Horchow. Go figure.



Anonymous said...

I work in the furniture office, you should check out the Horchow Finale store!


Ashlee McCrary said...

gorgeous chandelier fan!