Monday, December 19, 2011

B.Cannon Look Book


Can you believe this year is already almost over?! I can't. It feels like time literally flew by! 

Today is my ONE day off this week. During the month of December, all salaried managers for Louis Vuitton work six day work weeks... lucky us, huh? So I have REALLY enjoyed my day today. I got to sleep in until 10:30am {amaaaaazing}, then I went to a luncheon for Shenanigans Weddings and Events {a wedding planning company that I write blog posts for... the same wedding planning company I used for my wedding, actually!}, and then ran a few errands! The weather is YUCKY {rainy & cold} but my look is super cute, regardless! 

Here's the look I'm cruising around in today... 

Ann Taylor LOFT tan, knit vest with faux fur collar
Ann Taylor LOFT cream blouse with brown & green splatter print
Ann Taylor LOFT gold & silver chain necklace with tassels
Zara chocolate brown skinny pants {I'm not calling these leggings because they are much thicker than normal leggings, therefore less awkward when your behind is exposed}
Gianni Bini tan slouchy boots 
Detachable faux fur boot cuffs from... {you're going to die}... CLAIRE'S! {For, like, $6!}
David Yurman cuff bracelets
Louis Vuitton rouge fauviste bow bracelet

{oh, and say hello to my little Lucky dog in the background of my last photo... haha}

Why it works:
Well, this looks is super fun. I was actually really excited about the way this turned out because I definitely threw it all together in a hurry on my way to the luncheon. First, let's start with proportion... if you're going to wear something that has a large amount of volume on top {such as this faux fur vest and very blousy/unstructured top} it's very necessary to make sure your bottom half is slim or fitted {and vice-versa}. The color palette works beautifully here-- a gradient of browns {all the way from cream to chocolate} and some pops of olive green. {Neutrals always look nice together.} Also, fur is a big deal right now, so the vest and the boot cuffs make the look feel very current. Now, let's talk about these $6.00 faux fur boot cuffs, haha! Wearing just anything from Claire's is not necessarily OK. It takes a very keen eye to decipher the gems among the garbage in a store like that. The same goes for Forever 21 and all other teeny-bopper stores, as I like to call them. However, it IS possible to find some great things if you have the right eye for it. These faux fur boot cuffs are a nice color and texture that, when observed casually, can pass for being more upscale. Additionally, I put them on a good looking pair of boots that fit the bill perfectly in color and style, looking as if the fur cuff was part of their original design. The necklace is a great choice because it's long, and matches the proportion of the top and vest. If I were to put a short necklace with this look, the balance would be off. Likewise, the silver and gold chain design compliments the look nicely, keeping consistent with the neutral palette and trend-right appearance.

Style Challenge: 
Wear fur!!! Regardless of whether your fur is real or faux, find a way to incorporate fur with your look! BUT-- beware of gross looking faux fur! If you're going to go the faux route, make sure the color and texture of the fur appears tasteful. Also feel the fur before you make a purchase to make sure it has a nice, smooth feel and not a yucky synthetic texture. {If the fur looks like it needs to be brushed with de-tangling spray, then it's probably a no-go!} Also avoid colored fur. It's very rare for colored fur to look tasteful-- so it's best just to avoid it unless you feel confident that it's a great quality piece and your look is better because of it. {I do have a pink and black mink head wrap, which I LOVE... but it requires just the right look to make it appear fashionable and not tacky.}

Tips for shopping at low-end retailers: 
  • Never wear anything that has a design element on the front that should continue onto the back but it doesn't. {For example-- when a shirt is striped on the front, but then a solid piece of material was used for the back. Or when a shirt is sequined on the front but the back is solid. You will NOT find this in up-scale designer collections. The design is ALWAYS complete from the front to the back.) 
  • Fabric is SO important. Don't buy anything that looks like it would melt if you ironed it-- for starters. Cotton is usually a safe bet, and less color is typically better. {It's hard to tell if a top is $10 or $100 when it's solid black!}
  • No rouched elastic bands!! If you're buying a cute halter from Forever 21, turn the top around before you buy it and check out the back! If it has that nasty rouched gathering from the elastic band, then put it back on the rack and walk away. Sometimes elastic rouching is acceptable, but not often, and that's usually when it's on the waist band of a skirt... not on a top. {The rouched elastic is used when the design needed a zipper, but elastic was MUCH cheaper option. You'll never see elastic used this way in a high-end designer's collection, thus it's a dead giveaway that your look is not luxurious.} 


Ashlee McCrary said...

Ok I have to look into these zara leggings! I seriously own 1 pair of black leggings & that's it. I've never worn fur before in my life....that would be a huge jump out of my comfort zone. Maybe new year needs a new look for me.

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

Absolutely!!! The leggings from Zara are only $35! I got them in brown, black and gray. They're all slightly different, but they're all super thick, which I really like. And definitely challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while! You'll feel so good about it when you wear something new and different, and everyone compliments you! It's intimidating, but having a confident attitude about what you choose to wear makes all the difference :)

Lyndsey said...

I agree - I am seriously lacking in the legging department and I could use a couple good, thick pairs!

Kerrymarie said...

ohh i love this outfit! loving fur atm!! xx

Ashley said...

I am obsessed with the boot fur cuffs and cannot believe you got them at Claire's! I must go!