Monday, January 23, 2012

B.Cannon Look Book

Can you believe January is almost over?! 

That's CRAZY.

Well, amidst my errand running, studying, friend visiting, lunching, and working... I have still managed to create new looks for your viewing pleasure. Not really-- haha-- I do it for my own pleasure. I just absolutely love styling myself {or others} ...But I hope you do enjoy my looks and maybe learn a little something, too ;) 

This was an errand running day, which concluded with a dinner date with my hubby at Bricks Pizza and Wine Bar! {LOVE that place.}

LOFT black and white tweed jacket
BCBGeneration woven blouse with blue/black/white abstract print
LOFT skinny jeans
Nine West over-the-knee black leather boots {Love 'em-- can't get enough!}
Banana Republic black, silk scarf
David Yurman cuff bracelets
Louis Vuitton bow bracelet
Earrings-- not clearly visible-- are chandelier style with dark blue crystals

Why it Works:
Color. Composition. Proportion. That's the magic formula here.
The palette is cool and collected with cobalt blue, black and white. The combination of textures, patterns, and prints gives this look a ton of depth, excitement, and contrast. It's not very visible in this poor quality photo, but the scarf actually has a black-on-black woven design that consists of several giant polka-dots. Especially in person, the different textures are really interesting. Additionally, the flow-y, delicate, chiffon-like top contrasted against the bulky tweed jacket is unexpectedly chic. Finally, the proportion is correct with high volume on top and sleek lines on the bottom-- which are made even more sleek with the tall, black, high heel boots. The earrings, although not fully visible at all times, offer just the right amount of sparkle that is eye catching when they are seen in the right light. In total, this look has a great balance of romantic and bold elements that combine to create a look that is super stylish.

Style Challenge: 
Try combining romantic and bold style elements to create your own chic look! {If you don't have a tweed jacket or blazer, it might be time to invest in one-- Be sure to choose something neutral that can be paired with countless looks!} Fashion is all about combining things that are unexpected, so don't hesitate to pair a romantic lace blouse with a bold blazer, a sweet chiffon top with distressed denim, or lovely pearls with weathered leather! Your options are limitless! Get to your closet right now and start exploring the possibilities :)


Sunday, January 22, 2012

B.Cannon Look Book

Sorry it's been so long since my last Look Book post! It sounds lame, and I promise not to continue using this as an excuse, but I just started my graduate program so I spent a good amount of time on my days off this past week trying to familiarize myself with everything. I'm taking 2 classes through The University of North Texas and they're both online-- my first time ever taking online classes! It's definitely different, but I think I'm going to do well. {Thank goodness I'm already very used to being on my computer a lot!}

So, without further adieu, here's one of my looks from the past couple weeks! 

Banana Republic jacquard a-line jacket in brown and gold
BCBG Maxazria gray cowl neck sweater
True Religion boot leg denim pants
Tory Burch brown wedges
Louis Vuitton gray belt with gold "LV" buckle

Why it Works: 
I won't lie, every time I wear boot leg jeans I feel dated. Skinny pants are so in style right now that I almost never wear anything else. However, this look is fun and trendy enough to compensate for the boot leg jeans. With that being said, if you're going to wear a boot leg denim pant, be mindful of what you pair with them so your look feels current and fashion forward. This look is sophisticated and casual at the same time, and I must say that I am in love with this jacket. I've had it for years, but the super timeless A-Line silhouette (reminiscent of Jackie O) makes it a staple that can be appropriately incorporated into any look regardless of the current trends. Plus, the combination of colors (brown and gold) along with the heavy, jacquard woven fabric gives it a super luxurious feel. Additionally, this color palette in general (all neutrals-- brown, gray, and gold tones) adds to the sophistication of this look. The gold hardware on the belt and the shoes is a fun and trendy addition that play off the metallic gold of the jacket, elevating the look and making it more polished or "finished". In this look, the belt is used in place of any other major accessory, such as a statement necklace or earrings. It's important to accessorize, but it's also important not to over accessorize :)

Style Challenge:
Try breaking out an item in your wardrobe that you've had for years and make it look current by pairing it with the right items that are on-trend. Also, challenge yourself to find an alternate way to accessorize than your normal routine. If you always find yourself throwing on a necklace, try wearing a scarf or a belt instead. If you're lacking accessories all together, challenge yourself to add a major accessory with every look! And remember to layer, layer, layer! 

Happy styling!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Much Anticipated Post About My LASIK Surgery!

Let me start by saying no, I didn't wear contacts or glasses before my surgery. I own glasses because sometimes it was hard for me to read the overhead projectors in class during high school and college-- but I literally never wore them except for those few occasions. However, in the past year I have really noticed a decline in my vision. It was becoming such a problem that I could only read street signs as I was passing them, and anything illuminated {such as stop lights, blinking construction signs, or neon-lit signs} appeared to be a blurry halo of light that was almost impossible to read or see clearly.

Thus, when electing my benefits for 2012, I told Eric that I wanted to add vision to my plan because I would definitely need glasses and contacts. This is when Eric suggested that I look into getting LASIK. I hadn't even thought about it because my vision wasn't that bad. {I mean, sure... if I took the vision test at the DPS to renew my license, I would probably fail... but that's neither here nor there, haha.}

So I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tylock, because that's who Eric used when he had LASIK about 3 years ago, and he had an excellent experience.
{And because Dr. Tylock is the official LASIK surgeon of the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Dallas Stars... and if professional athletes who rely on their vision to make millions of dollars can trust Gary to take a laser to their eyes, then I can trust Gary, too.} 
These "Best Doctors in Dallas"
magazine covers and plaques are all over the place in the office...
dating from around 2002 to present.

My consultation was back in October, and it was short and sweet. They were basically making sure I was a candidate for LASIK, seeing how bad my vision was, and how much correction was needed, etc. They told me I was a candidate, that my correction would be minimal, and that my vision was borderline legal to drive... Oops. They gave me all the info and pricing that day, and I went ahead and booked my surgery date. There were several other doctors that conducted my consultation-- Gary only does the actual surgeries.

The entire cost of my surgery was $2940-- $150 that I paid on the day of my consultation to secure my surgery date, then the rest was paid on my surgery date. $2500 was paid using my flexible spending card, and the remaining $290 was put on our credit card. {For those of you who haven't used flexible spending, it's an election you can make using your company benefits. The amount of money that you elect is sent to you on a credit card that can be used for a variety of medical purposes. You can use the credit card right away, and the money is taken out of your paycheck little by little for a year. But the best part is that flexible spending is pre-tax! Saving the tax might seem minor, but it's actually a lot of money!}

I arrived at Dr. Gary Tylock's LASIK clinic on Thursday, January 12 at 9:15am {which was 45 minutes late due to the horrific traffic on Highway 114 because of the construction... even though we left an hour before our arrival time for a 30 minute trip without traffic... but I'm not bitter or anything}.

After checking in, Eric and I sat in the lobby/waiting room for about 10 minutes, then they called me back to watch a short video about the whole process and gave me a Valium pill {hallelujah}. After the video, I was taken into a very serene room with recliners where they gave me a series of eye drops, a blue hair cover, and blue shoe covers. {I was looking super hot, as you can imagine.} I relaxed in the recliner for about 20 minutes, and then they took me into the operating room. I was told to lay in the first of 3 recliners {there were people in the other two recliners-- it was almost like an assembly line type of situation} and I was given more eye drops. Gary came over to me while I was in that recliner and said, "Hi Brianna, I'm Gary Tylock. I'll be working on you next. It's nice to meet you." {which I thought was a super nice touch that made the process feel very personal and friendly}. After about 10 minutes {maybe less} I was moved into the operating chair.

Immediately after laying down in the operation chair, Gary said "Hi" to me again, and a nurse introduced herself and said she would be talking me through everything that was going on. They put something on one eye that held it open super wide, and then I could feel pressure on my eye. {It didn't hurt at all-- it literally felt the same as it does if you shut your eye and press on it with your finger.} I could see 5 dots-- a green dot in the middle and 4 yellow/orange dots in the shape of a box. {I've actually drawn an incredibly armature photo for you-- you're welcome.}

This first photo {below} is what I was looking at... I think the green dot is the laser, but I'm not completely sure. So they told me to keep my eye on the green dot. They told me it's going to move around, but just keep looking at it as best as I can.

So then the green dot does this {see image below}--- it's shooting all over the place and looking kind of like a tiny firework. At this point I'm thinking to myself, "holy crap, green dot--hold still! You're all over the place!!"

That process lasted a total of probably 4 minutes-- maybe less-- and then they switched to the other eye. Same exact thing with the other eye. And that's it.

Yes, I'm serious. The actual surgery took less than 10 minutes.

Then I got up from the operating chair and walked to a little stool across the room with Gary so he could check out my eyes. It was one of those eye scope things where you put your chin and your forehead on the rests and they look at your eye. So Gary checked both of my eyes for about a minute each, and then said, "Looks perfect. Thank you, Brianna, it was a pleasure working with you." I shook his hand and then the nurse walked me out of the operating room.

I was directed back to the serene room with the recliners that I was in just before entering the operating room, and I was told to lay there with my eyes closed for a while. I was so relaxed, so I don't know how long I was there but it was probably about 10 minutes. Then they called my name and it was time for me to go. They walked me to the front where Eric was waiting for me. They gave me a black bag with "Tylock" on the front which contained my goggles, 2 sleeping pills, eye drops for lubrication, and post-op instructions. I put on my hideous hysterical looking goggles and I was ready to go. I could see the whole time, although my vision was kind of fuzzy. We left around 10:45am. That's a total of an hour and a half from entrance to exit.
Wham-Bam-Thank You Ma'am!

I got home, took my first sleeping pill, and I was passed out for almost the whole day. When I woke up, my vision was almost completely clear and I started on my drops {I had 2 prescription drops that I picked up a couple days before surgery and then the natural tear drops for hydration that they gave in my Tylock goodie bag}. I took my second sleeping pill before bed and I was out again until my alarm went off the next day. I could see perfectly.

See... I told you the goggles were hysterical.

I had to go back the very next day for my post op check up. I arrived {on time this time} at 8:30am, and I drove myself. I was absolutely amazed at how well I could see everything... I'm surprised I didn't wreck because of how frequently I was looking around and admiring small things-- like being able to clearly see the individual little bulbs in the green dot of a stop light. Amazing! When I arrived at the office, there was little waiting. They called my name, and I went back to an office where they looked at my eyes and then had me read several eye charts. I could read the very bottom line clearly! That means I have 20/15 vision! I was there for about a half hour, and then was free to go! I have another follow up appointment in about a week. And that's it!

I feel great! Other than sleeping in my goggles, which you have to do for the 3 days following surgery, and not wearing any makeup, I think this process has been wonderful! There was not and still has not been any pain whatsoever. I set timers on my phone for my eye drops so I don't forget any of them, but that's literally the most difficult part. I would absolutely recommend LASIK with Gary Tylock to anyone. It was SO easy, relatively inexpensive when considering the value of not having to ever wear glasses or contacts, and completely painless. And I'm not a tough person-- I freak out about getting shots-- so when I say it was painless, I mean it.


Feel free to ask any questions, although I'm pretty sure this covered everything ;)
Thank you all for your comments and well wishes!! You're the best!!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcoming 2012!

Well, I sort of jumped the gun with my 2012 Bucket List Post... But we came up with those goals for the year before the year even arrived, so I guess it's {technically} chronologically correct :)

This year, Eric and I toasted to 2011 and rang in 2012 at the Trophy Club Country Club! We were extended an invitation by the Trophy Club City Manager and his wife , which we graciously accepted.
{Eric is the city's Finance Director-- the City Manager is his boss}

The City Manager and his wife are so much fun and completely down to earth-- we always enjoy spending time with them! We got all dressed up in cocktail attire for the "Casino Night" themed evening. There was an entire room of various foods, from caviar to prime rib, which was equally tasty and beautiful! 

We were given $2,000 each in play money when we arrived, which I blew through pretty quickly at the roulette table! I am seriously a horrible gambler-- every time I guessed something, the ball landed on the opposite. Literally. I'd guess black and it was red. I'd guess even and it was odd. I'd guess low numbers and it would be high numbers. Etc. I even tried using reverse psychology on myself and putting my money on the opposite of whatever I thought to bet on first, but that didn't work either.
Thus, my gambling lesson for the evening was:
The next time I go to Vegas, I need to sit on the sidelines!!

Around 11:50pm, nearly every person in the building piled onto the dance floor!! There was a live band that played some super fun dance music from all decades. {I'm proud to say that I knew every single song!!} Everyone received a glass of champagne for a toast, and when the clock struck 12 all you could hear were noise makers and the sound of clanking glasses! Haha! 

We danced for another hour, and then headed home. The Country Club was providing drivers to take all Trophy Club residents home upon request, so that was super nice! 

It was a wonderful evening full of love, laughter, good friends, and lots of cheer! :)


2012 Bucket List

While browsing through the endless pages of fun pins on Pinterest, I recently found one that I thought was a genius idea
{which is why I pinned it to my "Genius!" board, haha}. 

Feel free to click the photo if you would like to be directed to my Pinterest Pin Boards!! 

It's a super cute way to display your personal bucket list in your home. While I am not going to use this exact display, I absolutely love the idea of having a bucket list for the year! I explained the idea to Eric, and he thought it was a great initiative for keeping us on track with our goals-- no matter how large or small. This will also allow us to physically see what we have accomplished among the goals that we established at the beginning of the year. I think it will also be fun to keep our goals in a scrap book or photo album, and look back on what our goals were and see how they change from year to year.

SO... here are the 12 goals we have set for 2012! 

As you can see, some of our goals are small (like going to Main Event and playing Lazer Tag) and some of them will be a BIG challenge (like saving 10% of our paychecks, having our property taxes paid early, and buying another rental property)! But no matter how big or small, we made sure to choose a diverse array of goals that touch on many things-- relationship goals, financial goals, personal {individual} goals, goals for our home, spiritual goals, etc.

I am so excited to dive into 2012 with a plan!

"He who fails to plan, plans to fail"


Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Merry {Cannon} Christmas

Goodness, I feel like it's been a month since I've written in my blog-- although it's only been a week! I guess that's a good sign. I've been doing a really good job at keeping up with my blog, and it makes me so excited to see a new follower every few days! I'm so glad there are people out there who are enjoying my posts :)

So, let's rewind to a little over a week ago-- and talk about Christmas!! What an incredibly fun, family-filled, whirlwind!!

I worked on Christmas Eve {you may recall my Look Book post from my Christmas Eve look, if not you can reference it here} and then right after work concluded around 6:45pm, Eric picked me up and we drove straight from the Dallas Galleria to Elgin, Texas! Every other year we have spent Christmas morning with my family and then we drive to Elgin in the early afternoon on Christmas, but this year we did the opposite. It was nice to spend Christmas morning with his family {this includes his grandparents, 2 great aunts, his mom, sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews} and I know they enjoyed us being there. Around 2:00pm, we headed back on the road to DFW to spend Christmas evening with my family. We arrived back at home around 6:00pm, and then my mom came over for our gift exchange. {This is also when she got me hooked on Words With Friends-- for which I may never forgive her! Haha!}.

We received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from our family members, but most of all it was just really nice to see everyone and have a day to just spend with family. I really wish Christmas could last a few days instead of just one day! I love when everything is closed, so you couldn't spend your day running errands or working-- even if you tried!

Last but certainly not least, I must mention my incredible present from Eric-- my Melrose bag in Amarante. I have been in love with this bag for quite some time now, and I did NOT expect to receive this for Christmas.  {To read about how Eric surprised me with this bag, click here}. Although Eric did reveal his purchase about a week before Christmas, I was not allowed to open the gift and start using my bag until Christmas day. I was SO excited to start using my bag-- and I still can't believe it's actually mine! It's GORGEOUS.

My stunning Melrose in Amarante...
the first time I carried it to work after Christmas :)
The beautiful gift that Eric's mom gave me...
I loved how she wrapped it so I had to take a picture!
And just for good measure, here is a break down of my Look on Christmas:
Ann Taylor LOFT tan sweater dress
Zara gray leggings 
Antonio Melani black, suede boots
Ann Taylor LOFT black, brown, tan, and gray feather headband

{The headband was given to me by my Secret Santa  at work-- Jessica! I was so excited to receive this gift on Christmas Eve because I had already planned to wear this look on Christmas, but this headband was an even better accessory for my look than the original headband I planned to wear-- thank you, Jess!! I LOVE it.}

I hope your Christmas was full of love & laughter,
family, friends, food & fun!
...and a little fashion, too :)