Sunday, December 11, 2011

B.Cannon Look Book

I'm so happy to report that the response to the first B.Cannon Look Book post was super positive! It was wonderful to hear so many comments via Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Blogger! :) More than anything, I'm glad that someone {anyone} found the style tips helpful, and wanted to read more! Well, have no fear!  Posting about fashion and style advice is way fun for me, and knowing that people enjoy reading about it is like the last, super shiny coat of varnish on a Louis Vuitton Melrose bag! {Cough... that's the bag I want next... Cough!}

Here is my casual Friday night look, which I wore to our neighbor's house for several rounds of Catch Phrase and some tasty beverages! {Please excuse my pathetic looking makeup... it was a loooooooooong day at work. I'm glad this photo is kind of blurry so you can't see my face too clearly. haha!}
Ann Taylor LOFT brown sweater
Ann Taylor LOFT cashmere scarf
Zara chocolate brown leggings
Gianni Bini tan, slouchy boots

Why it works:
As I mentioned in my last post, combining textures of the same color is a safe and easy way to create a chic look. Similarly, this look combines several shades of brown, with a multicolored scarf. The colors from the scarf gave the outfit a playfulness that was perfect for my casual evening, and also tied together all of the shades of brown. Additionally, boots, leggings and over-sized sweaters are featured everywhere in fashion right now-- just make sure your sweater covers all or most of your bottom, please. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of a bare bottom in leggings unless it's for athletic purposes-- which I also am not a fan of {haha}. Anyway, lastly, I would like to add that without the layering piece {aka: the scarf} the outfit is very two-dimensional. The scarf adds excitement and gives the outfit more depth, very similarly to the role of the fur vest in my previous look. Remember, a really good look should include at least three pieces-- and sometimes a really amazing necklace can count as a third piece. Shoes {usually} don't count, so without the scarf this look would have been boring incomplete. 

Style Challenge: 
Wear at least three pieces! Start with a top and bottoms, then add something fun, like a huge statement necklace, a pretty scarf, or a super fab fur vest! It's easy, and it makes all the difference!



Ashlee McCrary said...

i see scarfs ALL over pinterest outfits. i need to invest in some. my outfits are boring right now-jeans & solid gap shirt mostly. i will start thinkin about a 3rd piece when i get dressed in the morning now lol

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

I'm so glad to hear it!! I'm sure you look super adorable all the time, especially with your precious daughters as the most beautiful accessory, but there's always room for improvement when it comes to fashion and style! It's a constant evolution :)