Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Merry {Cannon} Christmas

Goodness, I feel like it's been a month since I've written in my blog-- although it's only been a week! I guess that's a good sign. I've been doing a really good job at keeping up with my blog, and it makes me so excited to see a new follower every few days! I'm so glad there are people out there who are enjoying my posts :)

So, let's rewind to a little over a week ago-- and talk about Christmas!! What an incredibly fun, family-filled, whirlwind!!

I worked on Christmas Eve {you may recall my Look Book post from my Christmas Eve look, if not you can reference it here} and then right after work concluded around 6:45pm, Eric picked me up and we drove straight from the Dallas Galleria to Elgin, Texas! Every other year we have spent Christmas morning with my family and then we drive to Elgin in the early afternoon on Christmas, but this year we did the opposite. It was nice to spend Christmas morning with his family {this includes his grandparents, 2 great aunts, his mom, sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews} and I know they enjoyed us being there. Around 2:00pm, we headed back on the road to DFW to spend Christmas evening with my family. We arrived back at home around 6:00pm, and then my mom came over for our gift exchange. {This is also when she got me hooked on Words With Friends-- for which I may never forgive her! Haha!}.

We received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from our family members, but most of all it was just really nice to see everyone and have a day to just spend with family. I really wish Christmas could last a few days instead of just one day! I love when everything is closed, so you couldn't spend your day running errands or working-- even if you tried!

Last but certainly not least, I must mention my incredible present from Eric-- my Melrose bag in Amarante. I have been in love with this bag for quite some time now, and I did NOT expect to receive this for Christmas.  {To read about how Eric surprised me with this bag, click here}. Although Eric did reveal his purchase about a week before Christmas, I was not allowed to open the gift and start using my bag until Christmas day. I was SO excited to start using my bag-- and I still can't believe it's actually mine! It's GORGEOUS.

My stunning Melrose in Amarante...
the first time I carried it to work after Christmas :)
The beautiful gift that Eric's mom gave me...
I loved how she wrapped it so I had to take a picture!
And just for good measure, here is a break down of my Look on Christmas:
Ann Taylor LOFT tan sweater dress
Zara gray leggings 
Antonio Melani black, suede boots
Ann Taylor LOFT black, brown, tan, and gray feather headband

{The headband was given to me by my Secret Santa  at work-- Jessica! I was so excited to receive this gift on Christmas Eve because I had already planned to wear this look on Christmas, but this headband was an even better accessory for my look than the original headband I planned to wear-- thank you, Jess!! I LOVE it.}

I hope your Christmas was full of love & laughter,
family, friends, food & fun!
...and a little fashion, too :)



Ashley :) said...

Love the bag!!

Mhar's Display said...

Woot!!! Love the presents and the gift wrapping :)