Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cannon Christmas Decor!

I have been inspired by so many others who are posting pictures of their beautiful and festively decorated homes, so I want to add my pictures, too! Although, we started from the ground up with our decor this Christmas since moving into our new home. Thus, we don't have a ton of things yet, but it's a good start! I love what we have so far, and it'll only get better and better each year :) Also, we  have a second tree that I never got around to putting up. It's a TCU themed tree that we had in our old house, and I plan to put that tree upstairs in the game room. However, since the game room is currently a huge empty room that we don't use for anything, I thought having a random tree all alone would be kind of silly. Haha! Maybe next year we will have some furniture up there and a tree will make more sense :) 

With that being said, here are the lovely Cannon Christmas decorations thus far... 

Our pretty trees and our giant 8-foot tall inflatable polar bear (in a TCU Purple sweater)
Stair case!
Pretty tree!
(With my large, brown, Louis Vuitton box underneath!) 
Tree up close...
we have some giant ornaments that are super cute and whimsical!
Fireplace with garland and stockings.
Stockings with our names-- and our fur babies' names, of course!! :)
TCU Santa!
 Our super sweet neighbors gave us the precious TCU Santa. We have another one, too, from Eric's mommy, but we didn't get any of our preexisting decor down this year. Maybe next year!! 

Pretty cute, huh? I like it. and I LOVE Christmas!



Lyndsey said...

Very festive! Our neighbors have that same inflatable...but he has on a blue sweater. lame.

Although a green & gold sweater would be my preference! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

Those stockings are beautiful! If you just bought them this year, you should buy a few extra for when you have kids later on.

Delta Daisies said...

so pretty!!! I remember my LV box being under the tree ;)

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

Thank you!!!!! I'm building quite a collection!! :)

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

That's a good idea, Ashlee! Although, if I don't buy any then it will be a good excuse to get new ones later ;) haha!

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

And Lyndsey, a Green & Gold inflatable will NEVER grace my yard. Especially not after the embarrassment that was the TCU/Baylor game this year. Maybe after we lay the smack down later down the road in the big 12 ;) muahaha.