Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcoming 2012!

Well, I sort of jumped the gun with my 2012 Bucket List Post... But we came up with those goals for the year before the year even arrived, so I guess it's {technically} chronologically correct :)

This year, Eric and I toasted to 2011 and rang in 2012 at the Trophy Club Country Club! We were extended an invitation by the Trophy Club City Manager and his wife , which we graciously accepted.
{Eric is the city's Finance Director-- the City Manager is his boss}

The City Manager and his wife are so much fun and completely down to earth-- we always enjoy spending time with them! We got all dressed up in cocktail attire for the "Casino Night" themed evening. There was an entire room of various foods, from caviar to prime rib, which was equally tasty and beautiful! 

We were given $2,000 each in play money when we arrived, which I blew through pretty quickly at the roulette table! I am seriously a horrible gambler-- every time I guessed something, the ball landed on the opposite. Literally. I'd guess black and it was red. I'd guess even and it was odd. I'd guess low numbers and it would be high numbers. Etc. I even tried using reverse psychology on myself and putting my money on the opposite of whatever I thought to bet on first, but that didn't work either.
Thus, my gambling lesson for the evening was:
The next time I go to Vegas, I need to sit on the sidelines!!

Around 11:50pm, nearly every person in the building piled onto the dance floor!! There was a live band that played some super fun dance music from all decades. {I'm proud to say that I knew every single song!!} Everyone received a glass of champagne for a toast, and when the clock struck 12 all you could hear were noise makers and the sound of clanking glasses! Haha! 

We danced for another hour, and then headed home. The Country Club was providing drivers to take all Trophy Club residents home upon request, so that was super nice! 

It was a wonderful evening full of love, laughter, good friends, and lots of cheer! :)


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Marms said...

Fun indeed! I like playing casino too ;) But, only in Bingo.
Happy New Year!