Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I have a very good friend from high school, Lyndsey, that is now married, expecting a baby, and keeps up with the most fabulous and entertaining blog! She posts a fun blog every Wednesday that I am going to steal and use in my blog... It's called "What I Love Wednesdays"! So here is my very first {of many} Wednesday blogs about what I am loving right now...

  1. I'm LOVING how awesome the Texas Rangers are!! They had a really rough game today, but they only need one more win in the ALCS and they are World Series bound!! My favorite players are Cliff Lee, Elvis Andrus, Josh Hamilton, and Ian Kinsler!
  2. I'm LOVING that my little brother really seems to be growing up. He made a goal for himself this week that he would not sit around the house, play video games, play on the computer, etc. Instead, he would get out of the house and go do something productive. On Monday, he called me and asked if he could bring lunch for me at work! (HOW SWEET). Then Tuesday he got rid of ALL his "young" clothes from Abercrombie or American Eagle, and he asked if I would go with him on one of my days off to help him pick out some new, more mature clothes. Of course I obliged, and today we went to the Allen Outlets. We went to Polo and Lacoste... and needless to say, we got him much more than just a starter wardrobe!! He looks so preppy and adorable in his pleated khakis and 2 button Polo shirts! He makes me proud!
  3. I'm LOVING that the TCU Homecoming football game is on Saturday against Air Force! It's going to be a GREAT game because AF is actually pretty good this year! Also, my brother, his girlfriend, my dad, my dad's wife, my dad's son, and Eric's dad are all coming to the game!! That's a LOT of family!!
  4. I'm loving that my brother's girlfriend is liking TCU the best of all the schools that she is applying to!!! {Great taste, naturally.}
  5. I'm loving the water fight that Eric and I had this evening... he literally threw a full cup of water at me and I kept soaking a sponge and squeezing it while flinging the water in his direction... needless to say, I was way more drenched than he was!! hahaha. We had quite a wet kitchen after that, but we just used the water to mop the floors! haha! It was a super fun and completely spontaneous!

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Ashley :) said...

I love this idea and am going to have to steal it for my blog!! Add me to your reading list if you haven't already friend :)