Friday, October 22, 2010

Life... Lately

How can I put this eloquently?

I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas celebrates football like none other. We tailgate hard, yell loud for our team, and party like there is no tomorrow when we WIN!! Texas football is almost like a religion... and if you trash talk our team, you better run!!

Here are some photos from the most recent tailgate that took place for the TCU vs BYU game at TCU...

Every time TCU scores a touchdown,
these guys run across the end zone with
the TCU flags! By now, I am a professional tailgater.
I was back at the tailgate during half time
to watch some of the
Texas Rangers baseball game
that started at the
same time as our football game!
Oh LORD... this is something new that our friends have started doing. It's called being "Iced". Out of no where, someone will pull out a Smirnoff Ice and hand it to you... then you have to take a knee and chug the whole thing!! It's so gross because Smirnoff is sweeter than candy... but it provides a GOOD laugh! The rules say that if you do not comply when you are Iced, then you can not Ice anyone else... and that's just lame.
Here are some of us getting iced...

Sean was quite a trooper... Athena came back from getting gas at the gas station, and she tossed a HUGE Smirnoff Ice at me as I sat in the back seat of her car... needless to say, I did NOT chug this whole thing. But I did try for about 10 seconds when I got home... haha.
In preparation for the TCU Homecoming game this Saturday, Athena and Rebecca have decided to make mums and wear them to the game like everyone did in High School!! hahaha!! This idea came about because Rebecca's Birthday is on the same day as the Homecoming Game, and we were trying to think of something she could wear that would make her stand out. Then they joked about making her a birthday mum... and the idea was born!!
This is Athena making her mum...
Masterpiece in progress...
Rebecca's mum 99% complete... I actually made it because she claims to be uncreative and not crafty. I was THRILLED to help because I LOVE stuff like this! The only thing missing are the miniature bottles of liquor she is going to buy and tie to some of the ribbons... greatness!!
Note the partying birthday bear
with martini in hand... hysterical!! hahaha.


L A C E Y said...

looks like a ton of fun! i miss fort worth. :(

Ashlee McCrary said...

Excited for the new blog!

Barbie said...

So cute! I never got a mum since boys at my HS were jerks and I was never asked. Le sigh. Someday I'll wear one to my kid's homecoming games and feel MUCH better.