Saturday, October 30, 2010

Date Night!

What a wonderful Friday! It was my day off from work, so I went to Lake Worth and ate lunch with Eric, then came home and worked on my thank you notes for several hours, then cleaned the house a little until Eric got home! I also drove around some neighborhoods looking for any houses that are for sale since Eric and I are always keeping an eye out, but the only ones I saw that I liked were listed for $859,999 and $1,549,999... so.... I kept driving. haha!!

When Eric came home around 5:30pm, we talked about what our evening plans would consist of. We wanted to call some friends to go bowling, but many of our friends went to Las Vegas for the TCU v. UNLV football game that takes place tonight. So we decided to have a date night! I literally don't remember the last time that we had a true date night, because even if we go to dinner together, we usually end up meeting our friends or doing something with a group.

Our date night started with an attempt to go to a brand new restaurant in the posh and trendy West 7th District of Fort Worth called BLUE Sushi & Sake. The original BLUE is located downtown in Omaha, Nebraska, and we actually ate there when we went to watch TCU in the College World Series. They were giving 50% off to all TCU fans to get the word out about their restraunt because they would be opening a 2nd BLUE in Fort Worth only a few months later.

This was Eric and I when we ate at BLUE in Nebraska!
Notice the "TCU 50% OFF"... YES!

However, we ended up not eating at BLUE because there was a 45 minute wait... and we were TOO hungry for that! So we drove only about 3 minutes down West 7th to Montgomery Plaza where we decided to eat at Gloria's Mexican Restaurant.

This is Gloria's in Montgomery Plaza

This is my very tasty Sangria!

Eric ordered a Steak covered in green peppers,
mushrooms, cheese and red sauce... it was SO good.
(ps- Eric has a bug bite that he keeps picking at,
so we wrapped his wrist so he will
leave it alone and let it heal! and his
raccoon suntan lines are from
when he went Hunting last weekend. haha.)
I ordered the sampler platter...
It has one tamale, one pupusa, one yucca, plantains,
black beans, black rice, and sour cream. It was amazing!!

After our dinner, we went to Blockbuster (which I hear has filed for bankruptcy?!) and we rented the movie Stomp the Yard II. I know that sounds funny... but we wanted to see it because the original Stomp the Yard was the very first movie we saw together in theatres on one of our first real dates ever. It was actually a really good movie and we ended up buying it on DVD because the dancing is awesome and the story line is really good. The sequel didn't prove to be as entertaining, but it was SO nice to spend quality time together never the less!!

It was a very wonderful evening!

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Gloria's is my very favorite place to go! Every single dish is fantastic.