Monday, October 18, 2010


The Texas Rangers have their FIRST American League Division Series WIN in the HISTORY of the franchise, and now they are 2 wins away from having their first American League Championship Series WIN... resulting in their first World Series appearance!!
What's equally awesome? Eric and I have a wonderful friend and ex-roommate, Drew Fugate, who is an Account Executive for the Rangers-- and he is sure that he can get us World Series tickets!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

Rangers players, (especially Cliff Lee, Andrus, and Kinsler-- my favorite players), you are in my prayers!! I hope the nation can have a chance to see the kind of spectacular sportsmanship that I have had the opportunity to see at home games for the past few seasons! This is an awesome article that features a rap song about some of the fun hand signals that the Rangers have become known for.

And for those of you who don't know... the Rangers are a SUPER fun team to watch for several reasons...

#1. We have Cliff Lee. He is a badass. He doesn't know what it means to walk people, and it's completely normal for him to pitch a no-no for an entire game... IN THE PLAYOFFS!

#2. GET YOUR ANTLERS READY!!! The Rangers have such incredible speed on their team which has helped them in so many areas, from stealing bases to scoring runs! It looks something like this...
Because of this incredible speed and swiftness, the Rangers and their fans have started using deer antler hand signals to represent their speed-- they RUN like DEER! It's totally a Rangers thing, and we LOVE watching our boys throw up their antlers in approval of a great run!

#3. THE CLAW!! Talk about POWER!!! The Rangers demonstrate their power in just about every way... and they recognize each other by giving a powerful hi-five claw! Which looks something like this...

I hope everyone has the chance to see a Rangers game this year... if not only for the amazing sportsmanship and talent, but also to whiteness the amazing personality of this team. I've never seen a team with so much camaraderie and unity... it's so inspiring and it makes watching this team even more significant!!


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