Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank Heavens for iPhone Apps!

So, I think I've found a way to help me stay current with my blog posting! Don't make fun of me for just now thinking of this... But I realized that there is probably an app for blogger on the iPhone, so I searched for it and-- voila! My main issue with staying current is that I almost never use my laptop anymore! I do everything on my phone, for the most part, so getting out my computer just to write in my blog always seems like a hassle. Additionally, with the advancement of technology every 10 minutes, my 2008 laptop seems pretty slow and, well, archaic. SO... I believe my problem may be solved with the acquisition of the blogger app for my iPhone! Hooray!

In other exciting news, Eric and I had a fabulous Halloween this year! It was the first year that we were on the adult side of the whole thing, and it was actually a blast!

I started the evening by taking what should have been a 5 minute trip to Walmart. Oh Lord, was that a big mistake. I was sandwiched between carts of oblivious shoppers, run over by children who don't look both ways or respect the rules of traffic flow in public, and I got stuck in the Halloween aisle for about 15 minutes because people literally wouldn't move out of the way. Seriously, how are there so many inconsiderate people in one place, and where do they come from? It's mind blowing.

Anger and inconvenience aside, my trip was a success! I got a cheap, scary costume for Eric, a bunny mask for me, and some of the best candy I could find because I definitely don't want to be the house with the gross candy! I chose Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Blow Pops, Nerds, Sweet Tarts, and Wonka Laffy Taffy-- Only the best candy at the Cannon Casa! Haha!

When it was just about sun down, Eric and I put on our Halloween attire, grabbed our lawn chairs, poured ourselves a beverage (I had wine, he drank whiskey) and we sat on our front porch with our big bowls of candy, ready to greet the trick-or-treaters of Trophy Club!

There were only a few kids at first, mainly super young ones, but then they started swarming by the dozens! There were SOO MANY KIDS! I literally think we gave candy to AT LEAST 70 kids. No lie! Every time they approached our driveway, they would be walking fast and excited... Then they would see Eric and they would slow down, glancing back at their parents or friends for encouragement! It was soooo funny!!! There was even one group that commented on Eric's scary costume and decided to skip our house all together! We couldn't stop laughing... And we made sure to give more candy to the kids who were extra brave or who had the best costumes!

As a whole, I'd say it was definitely a success, although we have a long way to go if we plan to be the masters of Halloween like our neighbors! Now that we live in a nicer neighborhood, everyone decorates for everything-- Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween... Lord knows what this place will look like at Christmas! I love home decor, but I have never really been into decorating the outside of my house-- although living in this neighborhood will probably help me acquire those skills! We were literally the ONLY house without an ounce of Halloween or fall-ish decor, and when it was trick-or-treat time, our neighbor busted out a fog machine, strobe lights, and music! It was amazing! To compensate, my brother brought us a strobe light from my mom's house and we found some Halloween music to play from YouTube on Eric's iPad... But wow! We were SO lame compared to the rest of Trophy Club! Haha! Good thing we have plenty of time to learn and perfect our skills before we start a family!!

Here are some pictures of our "Good Candy" and Halloween costumes! Enjoy!

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