Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Job!!

I have some exciting news to share!!

I have accepted a position with Louis Vuitton!!

Starting on Monday, April 4, 2011, I will be the

Operations Manager for Louis Vuitton @ Galleria Dallas!

I am super excited about this career move for a multitude of reasons:

1. I have loved Louis Vuitton ever since my love for couture fashion began over a decade ago. My first designer bag was a Louis Vuitton bag. Why? Because it's the best.

2. Louis Vuitton is rich in history and withstands the test of time... and a terrible economy! LV posted HUGE sales increases and profitability in 2009 and 2010 when most retailers were struggling to survive.

3. I did papers on Louis Vuitton and LVMH corporation in college... it was my topic of choice!

4. I named my precious teacup Maltese Louis after Louis Vuitton. His name tag on his collar reads "Louis V. Haggerty" (I will get it changed to Louis V. Cannon eventually). He actually had a super precious Louis Vuitton collar that I found on eBay when he was a puppy. He grew out of it pretty quickly, so I found a cute new one that could be customized with his name instead (it was slightly less expensive, haha).

...all of these reasons and more make me feel that Louis Vuitton is a perfect fit for me.

Not to mention, the hiring process took FIVE MONTHS, so it gave me plenty of time to decide if this move was right for me. Since Louis Vuitton can be incredibly selective, they most definitely are! Over the 5 month process, I interviewed with a corporate recruiter, the Galleria store manager, the regional operations manager, the regional vice president, and then they booked a flight for me to interview in person at their corporate office in New York! BUT that happened to be the same week as the terrible ice storms in Dallas, so all the flights were cancelled. My 5th interview was then conducted via web cam out of their regional office. After all of the interviews concluded, it took another couple weeks for them to make a decision and extend an offer.

I kept thinking to myself, "My GOODNESS this is taking forever!" But then I remembered, they're Louis Vuitton... and you don't rush greatness.

I was elated when they extended their offer, and I accepted graciously. Although, my current employer, Ann Taylor LOFT, was very upset and countered the offer by coming as close as possible to matching the salary LV offered... I didn't see that coming at all!! So, I called Louis Vuitton back to explain what happened, and they bumped my salary up another 5 grand without hesitation. Needless to say, I accepted!

Now, don't get me wrong. My reason for leaving LOFT is not because I didn't love working for the company! I had a wonderful experience with LOFT and they even promoted me to the Galleria store a couple weeks before I gave my notice! They had tons of faith in my leadership, ability to coach and develop a team, and ability to drive sales--- which is a really nice feeling. Thus, I wouldn't have left LOFT for just any measly job. I had always checked the LVMH recruitment website periodically, so I happened to check it one day in November 2010 and noticed that a position was available in Dallas... it was the very first time I've ever noticed a position available in the area, so I jumped on it!

Monday through Friday during my first week on the job, LV is flying me to Scottsdale, Arizona {all expenses paid} to train with a very seasoned Operations Manager. I think it speaks very highly of a company when they are willing to spend that kind of money on training.

I cannot wait! Wish me luck!

This was me on Rodeo Drive in December 2010... I just had to have a photo op with my favorite store!

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