Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eric's 27th Birthday

My wonderful husband turned 27 on Wednesday, February 9...

and what a HAPPY BIRTHDAY it was!


The day started by me making Eric a giant cup of coffee (his life support, basically) and then waking him up a little earlier than usual so he could open his presents before work.


There were two gift bags by the fireplace in the living room; the larger bag housed my gift, and the smaller bag was a gift from our four-legged children (the dogs).

Eric started by opening the present from the dogs first... and they helped, of course!

He was pleased to find that they had given him his favorite beer (Blue Moon- original) and some of his favorite candy (Reece’s Pieces bites)!

Then he moved on to the gift from me... which actually contained a wrapped box inside of the gift bag! Louis helped Eric remove the tissue paper from the bag as we laughed hysterically. Eric would point at a piece of tissue, saying, "Get it, Louis!" and then Louis would rip the tissue out of the bag and shake it around.

When all of the tissue paper was removed, Eric proceeded with the wrapped box, which Louis helped with also! Eric tore a little piece of the paper from the wrapped present, and told Louis to "get it"... without hesitation, Louis took the torn piece in his mouth and took off with it, un-wrapping a large portion of Eric's gift! We were SO amused!! haha.

When the box was finally unwrapped, Eric read "Lucchese Classics" on the box and pretty much knew what to expect from there! He opened the box and quickly removed his new boots from their individually knitted boot sleeves, smiling from ear to ear! He tried them on and they were perfect. He had been wanting a pair of black boots, but we had a very difficult time finding any that did not have a really blunt, square toe, (apparently that's all the rage in western wear), but we prefer a more pointed or rounded toe. These were exactly what he had been looking for... and it only took me WEEKS to find them! haha!

I'm absolutely convinced that no matter what you have to go through to find the perfect gift for someone... it's all worth it in the end when you see them open it! I'm so glad he liked them.


After opening the presents, we both got dressed and went to work, but we looked forward to our dinner plans all day! We had reservations at Texas de Brazil in downtown Fort Worth... YUM!

We made it to the restaurant at 7:45pm, which allowed just enough time to sit at the bar for a drink until our reservation time at 8:00pm. We enjoyed our delicious assortment of steak, chicken, lamb, pork, and other various meats... and made sure to save room for dessert!


Since I'm from the family that I'm from, I always have to make birthdays as public as possible, so I was sure to tell our waiter that his birthday dessert must have a candle... and I brought my own just incase they didn't have any.

We ate until we thought we were going to have to be rolled to the car, and when we called it a night! I hope Eric enjoyed his birthday as much as I did, haha!

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Amanda Klein said...

Love your honeymoon page! Looking for a spot to vacation this summer and haven't talked to anyone who's been to a Sandals so it was great info!