Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby!

...Alright, STOP!

No, I'm not just singing the lyrics to an old-school Vanilla Ice song... I'm literally telling Mother Nature to STOP! We've had enough of this freezing weather!! Here in Texas, we don't handle the cold well... and we've had it up to here with this ice and snow (mostly ice). Bring on the 110 degree heat, already!


In the midst of all of the craziness that ensued with practically the entire state shutting down due to the freezing weather, Eric, the dogs, and I did have some fun outside in the snow.


Here are some fun and beautiful pictures from our snow days...

Let’s just hope we don't see too many more! haha!


The spoiled rotten baby of the family...
2.5 year old Toy Maltese
(and it's pronounced Louis... as in Vuitton.)
Our loved-beyond-words old man...
7 year old Boston Terrier

Playing chase in the snow... Louis keeps Lucky young ;)

When they learned that the snow is edible!

The snow-eaters have been caught red-handed! haha!

In the backyard just before our snowball fight...

Our cute 1938 tudor-style home all covered in snow

Pretty, snow-covered Colonial Country Club
(this is where we had our wedding reception)

A beautiful canopy of trees along TCU's campus...
How beautiful is Fort Worth, Texas?!
I love it.

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