Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Husband in the World!

Yes! It's true! I have the best husband in the world!!! 

For many reasons. Allow me to elaborate... 

1. Eric recently passed his FOURTH and FINAL CPA exam. I don't know if you have any idea how difficult the CPA exams are (there are 4 exams that you have to pass in 18 months), but the national pass rate for the CPA exams is around 10-12%, which is significantly lower than the Bar exam. Needless to say, I'm super proud of my wonderful, smart, and driven husband.
This was me quizzing Eric for his last CPA exam!

2. On Saturday, March 3rd, I went to Ann Taylor on my lunch break because their window displays and sale easel captured my attention yet again! I found an amazingly adorable dress and a stunning necklace to go with it. So, naturally, I tried it on and took a picture in the dressing room. I sent the picture to Eric and said "Look at this outfit from Ann Taylor! They have really awesome stuff right now!" Then I went back to work. Around 5:00pm, about an hour before I was scheduled to leave for the day, Eric came walking through the door of my store with a garment bag and small shopping bag from Ann Taylor! I was shocked to see him, and I knew immediately that he purchased the outfit I photographed when I saw what he was carrying! It was SUCH a sweet surprise and there was absolutely no particular reason for his random act of kindness. He just knew it would make me happy. Plain and simple. 
Ann Taylor really does have some great things right now!

3. He let me purchase this necklace!!!
Louis Vuitton Damier Perle Necklace! LOVE!!!

4. After a really rough day this past week, Eric made it his mission to turn my day around by cooking a delicious dinner and having a cocktail ready for me when I got home! He grilled steaks and bacon wrapped asparagus, and had a Makers and Diet waiting for me. Additionally, he had been keeping an eye on when the new Footloose movie would be available for rent (because I'd been DYING to see it), so he knew that it was available that day! He rented it for us on AT&T U-Verse, and we enjoyed a movie night in our media room. (By the way, it was a SUPER good movie and Eric even enjoyed it. There are so many funny parts and the dancing is awesome! Entertaining for anyone!) 
Delicious Steaks on the Grill!

5. While I took a 4 hour long timed-test today for grad school, Eric made sure I had everything I needed. He kept checking on me, asking how it was going, offered a cup of coffee, asked if he could get me anything, etc. It was just super sweet. On a particular question, I was struggling and he offered to look for the answer in my text while I continued on to another question. My pride made me refrain from accepting his assistance, but it was a thoughtful gesture. He is always so ready and willing to help me with anything, and I am always his number one priority.
My text books!
The test I took today was for the Educational Research class.

How did I get this lucky? I'm really not sure. I guess it's because we were meant for each other and we held out for each other instead of settling for relationships that may have been convenient at the time. I also know for a fact that God had HUGE role in guiding my life towards Eric. Thank you, Jesus!! 

Q: What's the key to a happy life?
A: Marry the right person! 
Eric and I on our wedding day-- August 28, 2010!

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