Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B.Cannon Look Book

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on my review for my first exam in grad school. So far my review is 6 pages long, and I'm not even through all of the power-point presentations OR the 7 chapters of text. I have to finish my review today because it's my last day off before my test. I have a feeling it's going to be a looooooooong day!

Other than studying, I went to The Container Store and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for the store. Then, when Eric got home, we went to Sushi Zen and rented Drive from Red Box. We didn't know much about this movie, but it seemed like it would be a good action flick that would be worth the $1.12 charge. Well, this movie was DIFFERENT, to say the least. It was soooooo sllloooowwwww for most of the movie, then when things finally did get exciting it was overly graphic and pretty gross. I like all of the Kill Bill movies, and those are really graphic, but this movie had me looking away and nearly gagging. As a whole, it was OK. I'm not mad that we spent $1.12 on it... but I might be upset if we paid $5.00 to rent it through AT&T U-Verse. Haha.

With all that being said, here was my look yesterday... 

Vintage {my late great-grandma's} Ballantyne of Peebles mustard yellow cardigan
Anthropologie paisley a-line top
Zara chocolate brown leggings
Gianni Bini tan slouchy boots
Ann Taylor LOFT burgundy necklace
David Yurman cuff bracelets
Louis Vuitton bow bracelet in Rouge Fauviste

Here's a close up picture. 
This cardigan is super special.

Here's the old-timey label in the sweater. So cool.

Why it Works: 
This look is perfect for a day like yesterday-- studying, running errands, going to a casual dinner, etc. It's extremely comfortable and easy. The color palette is what I love most about this look. Mustard yellow, burgundy, brown, navy... all of these colors are super rich and bold-- they look amazing together. As with the last look I wrote about, this look plays with proportion nicely. The loose fitting top and cardigan balance well with the slim fitting skinnies. This cardigan is truly unique, and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments. It's so fun to incorporate something vintage that was passed down from a family member. To make it even better, this sweater really is on trend. The color, shape, and Peter-Pan style collar are all being reflected in several designer collections right now. As a whole, this look is fun and playful while still maintaining an on-trend appearance.

Style Challenge: 
If you have something vintage in your wardrobe, do some surfing around on the websites of designer collections to see if your item is similar to something currently being shown. For instance, here is a picture I found on Google of an item from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Ready To Wear collection...
It's similar to the color of my cardigan, and it features a similar neckline and collar shape. It's fun to wear sentimental or vintage pieces while still making them look current and fresh!



Michelle Amparan said...

I had to comment on your reaction to Drive. I enjoy my fair share of 'guy movies', but this WAS different! SUPER slow and SUPER gory!

On a style note, can you give me advice on how to find boots that work with/fit skinny calves? I'm petite but have big feet for my size. It's almost impossible to find boots that don't look ridiculously large around my calves. :/

Brianna 'Haggerty' Cannon said...

So glad you share my opinion of Drive-- such a strange movie!!

Also, I would suggest looking into several different high end designer boots if you haven't already. Designer collections tend to be cut smaller and more narrow than the norm. I would suggest Tory Burch, for one. However, you have to be prepared to spend a pretty penny on the boots. For a more reasonable collection, try looking into Nine West boots... they have several styles that have an elastic type material around the calf, which allows for them to stretch to bigger calves or not look huge on smaller calves. I hope this helps!

Michelle Amparan said...

Thank you! This is very helpful. I don't mind spending more for a high quality boot that's nicely tailored. I'll look into Tory Burch. Let me know if there are any other designer collections that you really like. Thanks again!!!