Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good Stuff!

Eric and I had a WONDERFUL first Christmas together.
Of course, since I work in retail, my holiday is always cut a little short... but we certainly do make the very most of our time!
We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and brother in Grapevine, Texas... then woke up early on Christmas day and drove to Elgin, Texas to see Eric's family. We stayed the night in Elgin and drove back home to Fort Worth on the 26th by 10:00am, and I was at work by noon that same day!
Here are some pictures of our whirlwind of a Christmas...
it may have been fast, but it was filled with
love, laughter, family, friends, and LOTS of food!
You know...
{the good stuff}
One of my best friends, Corbin, went with my family to a Christmas program at Prestonwood Baptist Church... it was amazing and immediately got everyone in the Christmas Spirit!! This is Corbin, my brother--Trevor, brother's girlfriend--Lizzie, and I after the program.
Eric and I at his grandparent's house on Christmas day
with our furbabies, Lucky and Louis!
Lucky and Louis spread lots of Christmas cheer
with these adorable shirts! :)
With Eric's family on Christmas day :)
We gave Eric's grandparents a super amazing
massage chair for Christmas and they were SOOO excited!
His grandparents both have back and leg problems,
so this chair should really help them with stimulating
circulation and massaging sore muscles.
His grandpa didn't get out of the chair for the WHOLE
rest of the day!! hahaha!! :)

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Glad you had such a nice Christmas!Love the dog photo!!