Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Words Per Minute

HI Everyone! So while I was just taking a break from writing my horribly long exam review, I was thinking to myself how I am kind of impressed with how fast I have been typing my notes as I read my text book-- and with relatively few errors! It made me want to find a Words Per Minute test online to see what my actual WPM count is and how accurate I am. Well it only took about 2 seconds to find this easy WPM test!

A "good" score is around 45 words per minute, although professional typists usually type around 100 WPM!

Here's my score after my first attempt... maybe after all of this review typing, my WPM will improve even more! :) Haha.

Words Per Minute Test
Words Per Minute Test

Your Typing Speed is 50 Words Per Minute.
You typed 1 incorrect words.
Your gross typing speed is 51 words per minute.
Your accuracy is 98%.